Sarah Grey's fierce, funny, and utterly accessible writing brings together food, culture, community, language, and politics.


Sarah’s writing on food and culture has been published widely. She writes a food column for Philadelphia Weekly and was selected for Best Food Writing 2015. Her work has also appeared in Saveur, Serious Eats, Lucky Peach, Spoonful, Edible Philly, Roads & Kingdoms, and more. She has been interviewed about her writing in Real Simple, on public radio, and on a variety of podcasts (see News & Events below). Sarah’s food writing draws deeply from her background in philosophy and cultural studies and always emphasizes historical and economic context, but remains highly accessible and fun to read. Sarah also runs, a site about food and community.

Sarah writes widely on the intersection of language and politics. Her language column at The Establishment, “Word Watch,” tackles terms in the news from a socialist-feminist perspective. Her work on reproductive rights, environmental issues, political economy, parenting, and labor has been published at Jacobin, Salvage, Truthout, Bitch, The Frisky, International Socialist Review, Monthly Review, MRZine, GRID, Next City, and more and has been translated into French, Portuguese, Korean, and Serbian.

As an editor, Sarah was recognized with the 2016 Robinson Prize for Excellence in Copy Editing by the American Copy Editors Society. She works with a diverse and highly respected set of writers, scholars, and public intellectuals in politics, the humanities, and the social sciences. Her editorial engagement with these authors informs and deepens her work as a writer. She speaks, teaches, and writes about language and editing for outlets such as Copyediting, The Freelancer, Indian Copyeditors’ Forum, the American Copy Editors Society, the Editors Association of Canada, the National Writers Union, and more. Legendary Baltimore Sun copyeditor John McIntyre wrote about her work on inclusive language in 2015. You can learn more about Sarah’s editorial work at

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